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I samarbeid med Kriger traning

Alle øktene er laget av Kriger Training.

Hver økt har 3 nivåer: level 3, 2 og 1, der level 3 er det mest avanserte, level 2 er for viderekomne og level 1 er laveste nivå.

Pass på å les gjennom beskrivelsen før du setter i gang, og velg riktig nivå i henhold til der du er i dag.


A Mixed Workout that should be done at high intensity with the goal of collecting many minutes at high heart rate.

  • Make a Game plan before going into this workout:
    What is a pace you can hold on the rower but still start the Snatches right away?
  • Singles on Snatches or Touch and Go?

Focus on a good footlock on Rope Climbs to save the arms for the rowing.


The purpose of this type of workout is to get better at endure in long workouts over 30 min.

We want to put extra focus on pacing today.
Focus 1: The Goal is to not differ more than 10 seconds between the fastest and slowest round.
Focus 2: Try to have fast transitions between movements.


A Capacity workout where we want to get exactly the same number on every interval. This makes us learn more about ourself and will help when we should do gameplans in the future.

If you for example do 25 rep CTB for the first 3 rounds but on the last round does 10 then 10 is your score.

Note that you´re only allowed to do 1 set every minute for both CTB and HSPU.

The reason for 5 Rep Strict HSPU for Level 1 is that we want to work on the strength needed in order to be able to both HSPU and Strict HSPU in workouts in the future.


The purpose of this workout is to work on gymnastics endurance and to do as big sets as possible. When we want to increase our max reps it`s important to be relatively close to failure multiple times during the workout.


Tough CF Mixed Workout where we have 2 min rest in between rounds in order to be able to go harder than you could have without the rest.
Make a Game plan before going into this workout: What will be your biggest challenge and how do you want to handle this?

Adjust the number of reps and weights so that you don´t need more than 3 sets on any station.


Skill Workout where the Wall Facing HSPU is the hardest skill. For this: Tape a line 35 cm from the wall where your hands need to be placed. Your not allowed to walk with your feet up, its strict.
For the Pistol Squats: All 10/6 repetitions needs to be done on one leg before doing the other leg.

For Level 2+3: you need to do 10 Burpees every time you break the Double Unders.


Prepare some mental cues for yourself that you can tell yourself in the middle of the workout when it gets tough.

Note that todays workout is one of the longest we will do with 125 Burpee Box Jump Over. For the Level 3 version it will most likely take you 40 min+. Don’t be afraid to go decrease the reps if you feel like the volume might be too much or you´re short on time.


Level 2+3:
Goal today is to work on our endurance and increase the max rep of our gymnastics. To do that we want to go relatively close to failure for multiple sets and are allowed to rest in between movements.

Level 1: 
3 Rounds where we get to work on perfecting our technique on every movement.


A Mix workout where we want you to make a plan for how to attack the workout before you start in order to execute as good as possible.

  • Every set of the Dumbbell Complex needs to be unbroken but you can rest in between set.
  • For the Dumbbell Deadlift only one head of the Dumbbell needs to touch the floor.
  • This should be a Zone 4-5 workout so go hard but make sure you save your grip for the full workout.